You asked, we pivoted. Your C Salt experience is about to get better. Read On.

The next time you come into C Salt, you'll notice some changes. No, we haven't changed our Turkey Terrific or our English Muffin recipe. What we HAVE done is listen. To YOU. And you told us you are BUSY. You need that sandwich, like NOW. Introducing C Salt Freshly Made Sandwiches and Salads, and a NEW Express Line to get you in and out FAST.

We've made some changes to make your experience BETTER. Faster. Easier. Pick up freshly made and wrapped sandwiches and salads, along with chips, cookies and bottled or canned drinks. Then pay at a dedicated "Grab and Go" register and be on your way. We'll have an extensive list of sandwiches made throughout the day available for quick pick up. But don't worry, if you are craving a Classic C Salt Roast Beef or a Turkey Terrific, we're still making those and other items to order. Just head on over to the registers on the right and a friendly staff member can get your order going for you. Iced latte? Carrot cake? Smoothie? All of our hot and cold Barista Drinks are available as is our full Bakery selection. Just order those from the staff behind the counter at the registers on the right.